This weeks progress

18 May 2019

Here is my first post and a week in review progress. This was brought about because of a group known as Let's Code. A few peers and myself decided to work on communication while passing on some information we learned.

This week I started off by working on a mobile first website for my private Minecraft server. It was pretty easy to get most of the work done to make it mobile ready. But one thing I overlooked and over thought for that matter was the hamburger menu. While it's only a few lines of code I still got stumped on a glitch with the menu not opening and closing. Here's the code if your curious.

(function() {

    var hamburger = {
        navToggle: document.querySelector('#hamburg'),
        nav: document.querySelector('#ull'),

        doToggle: function(e) {

    hamburger.nav.addEventListener('click', function(e) { hamburger.doToggle(e); });
    hamburger.navToggle.addEventListener('click', function(e) { hamburger.doToggle(e); });


The second thing I worked on was a Udacity class I am taking for some review of JavaScript. So far I am really enjoying the structure and quizzes at the end of each little section. Each lesson plan is about 2 hours worth of studying and working on exercises. I'm on the second lesson which covers strings, variables, escaping strings such as \n(next line),\t(tabs) and some others.

And last but not the least thing I worked on was setting up this blog page and learning how to break it and mess around with different features built into the CMS. For now I am just using MarkDown because its a good thing to know when using Git.

#JavaScript  #Netlify  #Udacity